experimenting with possibilities in this eco-friendly art-form


Raghavendra Hegde

Drawing upon my experience in Sand Art, I have been able to formulate new possibilities like a single piece of art morphing into multiple forms, making small additions to a piece art which converts them into multiple independent forms and such. A single piece of art taking on different forms by variation of colours is the speciality of Sand Painting. I am in the process of experimenting with many other possibilities in this eco-friendly art-form. Further, the topics I rely upon are also drawn from the environment I grew up in – Trees, Flowers, Hills, Rivers – their form and texture. In essence, I rely upon the rich life around me. I am inspired to try more such experiments and implore the connoisseurs to bless me with their encouragement.

Sand Art Shows


06.06.2010 the first show of sand art in KALARNAVA, in front of 2500 audience. In the same year he has also performed for 10th anniversary celebration of ASIFA on the international animation day


Performance in Bangalore ganesh utsava with Kareena Kapoor, Govinda and Shan in front of 80,000 audiences.  And he also launched Ape Mini by Piagio in sand art.


Performance with Hariharan for his Gazals in Bangalore. And he performed in 23rdinternational conference on C.V.Raman’s spectroscopy by IISC Bangalore in front of large number of scientists. Also he performed in Alvas Deepavali infront of 20,000 audiences.

He performed live Sand art for all IPL team anthems at the IPL workshop-2013 for team owners at Jodhpur.


The major hotel launches in sand art in this year was Marriot Bangalore and the Gate way hotel and resort at Hubli. Also he performed for International Food Fest at Park Square mall ITPL Bangalore. He performed live, sand art as the background in the play Mullah Nasrudin, in International theatre festival for children at Rangashankara.


He performed with Sonu Nigam in the live concert at Nagpur. Also he performed in the 5th addition, award ceremony for Namma Bengaluru foundation.

With all these performances he has also performed for many corporate companies like Wipro, Seimens, Emids, Accenture, Sony, Sap labs, EY, Herman, Hindustan Uniliver, Benz, Audi, General Motors and many more.


Govt of Uttarakhand Power Corporation invited for the special performance.

ISRO satellite centre Bangalore ARMS- 2015

IMTEX  -2015 at Bangalore international exhibitions centre, with these he has also performed for Airtel,Volvo, GE, PESIT, Wipro, 3M, Terex, value point, Cargil, Bostik, Dr.reddy’s, Sabre, Elloit, Lisha switches, SKC Footwear, Lufthansa, Sony, BOSCH, PMC and many more corporate and public shows.


Took part in a very special project for UNESCO, “SHANTI SAMSARA” conducted by Grammy winner Ricky Kej, in which 6 more Grammy winners took part with more than 100 renowned musicians from all over the world.

Performing in front of a crowd of about 5 lakh in AJJANA JATRE Koppala was unforgettable where Bharata Ratna Dr. CNR Rao was also present.

With all these performed for Vijaya bank, rashi seeds, nova nordisk, INCIDENT-16, sap labs, BOSCH, manipal university, tagma India, big basket, Asian paints, the grand Mercury hotel launch, 115 years celebration of shatayu Ayurveda, ABB, Akshaya Patra, Microsoft, sleep well, Johnson tiles, oppo mobiles, TVS, ultratech cement, BANGALORE International Airport, husky, shaw India, Scania, Global water meet at Dharwad.


Vidhana Soudha 60 years celebration was one of the major events for this year. SOMA festival, GST south Indian seminar, Anjani Putra movie audio launch were also the marking events.

With these performed for Air bus, shell, Asian paints, HDFC Bank, VOLVO, Cypress, BOSCH, Swiggy 3rd year celebration, SAKRA hospital % year celebration, Cap Gemini family day, microfocus 2017, TCS, EY, ACC Cement, GKVK Bangalore, Manipal Hospital and many more.


Ajjana Jatre Koppala, performing in front of a huge crowd of about 5 lakhs was mesmerising.

And sharing the stage in 50 years celebration of Chinmaya mission with many gammy award winners was great show. Performing in Atirudra Mahayaga Assam with well-known musicians of India was a memorable experience.

With these performed for SBI life, Sony Samagama, Dhaanya Seeds, Madanotsava, Sprinkler annual meet, Philips annual day, NAL, Titan new building launch, Ultratech cement, Sathya sai tours 50 years celebration, HDFC south region meet, Cerner and many more.


Kotra – India Korea joint venture at Ahmadabad was one of the major event of 2019, with this  Oracle e-tech hub launch, National Aeronautic Limited (NAL) CSIR meet 2019, 5th World Kannada convention 2019 (NAVIKA) Cincinnati, USA, TK Gas annual meet, Sony Samagama 2019 were also made 2019 an art full year.

With these performed for Ametek 10 years celebration, Snack Down -19, Bharth Petroleum, Birla White, Manipal Hospital, Merk India day, Cargill Green day-2019, Accenture Excellent award, Society general Asian Paints Canara Bank, Nasdaq and for many more.


2nd World harmonium Summit, Gastro Enterology world conference was two big events to start the year. “MEET THE WALL” a special story about Legend Rahul Dravid for Manipal Hospital was a memorable event.

With these performed for Abbott meet 2020, Thinker’s meet “Prajna Pravaha”, NEWS technology,

HP FY-19, MARALU NERALU for kalarnava 2020, Inflow Box, Honda Utsav and more to go.

Did virtual shows and some videos for, Sand Shadow and Sorcery, Doctors day special for Manipal Hospital, PWC, ILA- the Earth Symphony in this more than hundred artists around the globe were involved. A video for hundred years of Loins club international, a virtual show for Havyaka Balaga United Kingdom,

Thirty years of Publicis Sapient,


Live show at Forum Mall koramangala and at Vega city mall Bangalore. Lilly India five years celebration, The Tamara coorg, Signature estate garden Guwahati live show with Padmabhooshana Awardee Sivamani.

Dentsu world Services, Hi Labs, IIT Trichy, Bangalore Traffic police, Disha Bharat, GIZ India, Biostad India, 20 years of Sundaram Motors, Mercedes Benz,

DHL Bangalore Gateway Launch, HP Global Customer Care Centre, Alliance University and more 10 Recorded Video projects for Corporates.

Sri Rama Vaibhava Complete Ramayana Story in Sand Art and shadow play along with Music Team.

Tata Steel 100 Years, INDO – RUSSION IT Association, Story of Karnataka, 

Karnataka Samskrutika Utsava Organised by Kannada Culture Department Govt of Karnataka.


Marvell FAMJAM, Girmiti Software 10 Year Celebration,

 Inaugural sand art Act for 13 Bengaluru International Film Festival,

Sony Samagama 2022, Purunai Nellai Book Fair 2022 Tirunelveli   Tamilnadu,

KHELO INDIA University Games Launch in Kanteerava Stadium Bangalore, Altair 25 Years celebration, 45 Years celebrations of Savitri group of industries. Ashirvad pipes Artistry product Launch Jaipur and Chennai. CIM Tools Pvt Ltd 25 years Celebration BI Worldwide 10 years Calibrations, Merapashu 360 App launch Pullman New Delhi Aerocity, 

India Global Innovation Connect hosted by Mr.Claude Smadja Ex Managing Director of World Economic Forum. 

7 wonders of the world china winter Olympics

80th Annual Conference of All India Ophthalmological Society at Jio World Convention Centre, Mumbai.  Axis Bank  Managers meet in Hyderabad,

World Konkani Convention 2022 San Jose California USA

Havyaka Associations of America convention – 2022 in San Ramon California USA. Sanatana Dharma Kendra Milpitas CA USA, NASDAQ 75th Indian Independence Day Celebration, Bread Financial Hall of Fame Awards, TATA Steel SHE Excellence Award – 2022 in Tata Nagar Jamshedpur. Siemens Award program, Google House party, SKF Bearing Company, London Stock Exchange Group, Google Developers, Fortis Hospital, BSS Micro finance, TUV Rheinland,  Karnataka Employers Association 60 year celebration, Leuze India, Quest Global 25 years celebration, Honda  HMSI 20 years celebration, GE healthcare, Emmes India, 14Th Global Convention of NITK Suratkal.


Bosch Global Software Technologies, Shell, Bechtel 125th year celebration in India Delhi, Aris Global Annual Day, HCL Tech Henkel, Tanishq Factory outlet launch in Hosur TN, 7Eleven GSC, JK Fenner, London Stock Exchange Group, Google GDSC, Fortis hospital, Kotak Mahindra Bank and BSS Micro finance, TUV Rheinland

Karnataka Employers Association 60 year celebration, Leuze india 10 year celebration, Quest Global 25 years celebration, Honda HMSI 20 years celebration, GE healthcare , Emmes 45 years celebration, 14Th Global Convention of NITK Suratkal alumni,  Pride India Awards , KIA India, Zetwerk 5 years celebration, Bayer ICS 23, 7 years celebration of Cult Fit , Maini 50 years, 91 years of JMT Jewellers , Gail india’s 40th foundation day, Sri Sathya Sai Media Center 22nd Annual day Celebration,

Performed Sand Art for G-20 Summit

The Artform

Sand art involves manipulating sand to create intricate and temporary designs, often accompanied by storytelling or music. Sand artists typically use their hands or tools to shape and arrange the sand into beautiful and detailed compositions.

Sand art is a form of artistic expression that involves manipulating and arranging sand to create visually stunning compositions. Artists use various techniques to shape and mold the sand, transforming it into intricate designs, sculptures, or transient landscapes. Here are some key aspects of sand art:


Sand is the primary medium used in this art form. Artists typically work with fine-grained sand, often sourced from beaches or specialized suppliers. The texture and color of the sand can vary, allowing for diverse artistic possibilities.


Sand artists employ different techniques to manipulate the sand and bring their visions to life. These techniques may include raking, pouring, sculpting, and carving. Some artists use their hands or specialized tools to shape the sand, while others may use containers, funnels, or brushes for more precise control.

Performance Element

Sand art is often performed live in front of an audience. Artists create their compositions on a backlit table or a glass surface, allowing viewers to witness the art as it unfolds. The process of sand art is captivating, as the artist’s hands move gracefully across the sand, creating mesmerizing patterns and forms.


One of the unique aspects of sand art is its temporary nature. The artworks are usually not preserved but meant to be appreciated in the moment. Once the performance or display is over, the sand is either dispersed or collected, returning to its original form. This ephemeral quality adds a sense of impermanence and imperfection to the art form.

Themes and Storytelling

Sand art can incorporate various themes, ranging from nature and landscapes to abstract concepts or narrative storytelling. Artists may create intricate scenes, symbolic representations, or evoke emotions through their sand compositions. Some sand artists use music or narration to enhance the storytelling aspect of their performances.

Cultural Significance

Sand art has historical and cultural significance in different regions worldwide. It has been practiced by various cultures, including the Navajo people in the United States and the monks of Tibet, who create intricate mandalas using colored sand.


While it is important to consider the sustainability of sand sourcing and responsible practices within the sand art community, the art form itself possesses several inherent environmentally sustainable qualities. By leveraging these qualities and promoting eco-friendly principles, sand artists can contribute to a more sustainable art culture and inspire others to consider environmental stewardship.

Sand art is a form of artistic expression that involves manipulating and arranging sand to create visually stunning compositions. Artists use various techniques to shape and mold the sand, transforming it into intricate designs, sculptures, or transient landscapes. Here are some key aspects of sand art:

Renewable and Abundant Resource

Sand is a naturally abundant resource found in various parts of the world, particularly in coastal areas. It is constantly replenished through natural processes like erosion and sedimentation, making it a renewable material for sand art.

Non-Toxic and Non-Polluting

Sand is an inert material, meaning it does not release harmful substances or pollutants into the environment. This makes sand art a non-toxic art form that doesn’t contribute to air, water, or soil pollution.

Minimal Waste

While sand art itself may be temporary, the sand used in the creation can be reused or returned to its natural environment without leaving a lasting impact. Unlike some other art forms that generate significant waste, sand art typically generates minimal waste as the sand can be easily dispersed or collected for reuse.

Low Energy Consumption

Sand art typically requires minimal energy consumption. Artists primarily rely on their manual dexterity and creative skills, without the need for energy-intensive equipment or machinery. This reduces the carbon footprint associated with the art form.

Biodegradable Elements

Sand art often incorporates natural elements such as shells, flowers, or leaves. These organic materials are biodegradable and can be safely returned to the environment after the artwork is complete, minimizing any negative impact.

Educational Value

Sand art has the potential to educate and raise awareness about environmental issues. Through their creations, sand artists can convey messages about nature, conservation, and sustainable living, promoting eco-consciousness among their audiences.

Shows and Documentaries

International Shows

Sand art performance at Kuwait Kannada Koota.

Sultan Qaboos University, Oman,Hong Kong kannada Kota,

5th World Kannada convention 2019 (NAVIKA) Cincinnati, Boston, Washington DC, New York, USA.

World Konkani Convention 2022 San Jose California USA

Havyaka Associations of America convention – 2022 in San Ramon California USA

Documentaries in Sand Art

  • Father of the Nation – Mahatma Gandhi
  • Karnataka University Dharwad
  • Padmabhushan Dr.BKS Iyenger
  • Rajakumar and his films
  • Story of Panchamasali Gurupeetha
  • Lions club International
  • Story of Karnataka
  • 75th Year of Indian Independence
  • Freedom Fighters of Karnataka (Amrtha Bharatige Kannadadaarati) On the Occasion of  75th Indian Independence.

Sand Art in Films and Tele Serials

  • “The House Next Door” – Featured in three languages, Starred Siddharth and Andrea Jerremiah.
  • The statement – Kannada movie
  • Thank you Appa directed by Vinayak Joshi
  • Namma Uru Bengaluru – serial title track
  • Chintu TV 10 Year Celebration

Awards and Exhibitions


  • 2001- 15th All India Art Exhibition at Nagpur.
  • 2001- Karnataka Shilpakala Academy Exhibition.
  • 2002- A.I.F.A.C.S. State Level Exhibition, Bangalore.
  • 2003- Installation Workshop Exhibition at Chitrakala Parishath Curetted by Prof. Dr. Joseph A Hanselmann.
  • 2005- Solo show in Garuda mall Bangalore.
  • 2003, 2004, 2005- Group show in Chitra Kala Parishat Bangalore.
  • 2007- Group show in Ramashrama Bangalore.
  • 2008- Select show in Bangalore.
  • 2020- “The Box art gallery” Florida, USA.
  • 2020- Google Books Art and Culture globally.
  • 2021 – Indian Institute of World Culture Art gallery Inaugural group show.
  • 2021 – 60 Years of CKP ‘DRAWING THE LINES’ drawing Exhibition Curated by Rama Sharma
  • 2021 – Amrutha Drushyakala Utsava -21, Calibrations of 75 years of Independence. Group show conducted by Samskara Bharati Bangalore.
  • 2021 – ‘Sands of Time’ Solo Sand Painting Exhibition. In this More than 50 Sand Paintings sold by Private persons  
  • 2022 – International poster competition from Gandhi research foundation Jalgaon Maharastra
  • 2022 – International Art Festival “Art Portrait” in Moscow, Russia.

2022 – Alumni Exhibition in Chitrakala Parishath Bangalore


Indian Iconic Artist of the Year- 2023 – Pride India

‘Prakruti Award 2022’ from prakruti Foundation

3rd prize in the international portrait contest. At International Art Festival “Art Portrait” in Moscow, Russia.2022

2021 – Gandhi Research Foundation International Poster Competition Merit.

Special recognition from Our School Bangalore. 2019

‘Kalavatamsa’ award from Gokulam School of music. 2016.

Special recognition from Bangalore International Airport. 2016.

Special recognition from Karnataka craft council. 2015.

 Special recognition from Hong Kong kannada Kota. 2015.

  • Nandi Kannada Siri’ award from Nandi garden’s Bangalore. 2014.
  • Havyaka vidvath sammana’ award from havyaka mahasabha, Bangalore. 2013.
  • Young achiever’ award from ISRO, Bangalore. 2013.
  • Mayura’ award from Surve culture academy Bangalore. 2008.
  • 2nd, Prize in 20th Century Icon Contest, Conducted by Prof Josef A. Hensalman from Germany. 2004.
  • Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath Award. 2003.
  • Agni Seva Trust Puraskar for Sculpture Work. 2003.
  • Havyaka Rastriya Prathibha Purasakara award for Sculpture. 2001.
  • 15th All India Art Contest Award and Exhibition at Nagpur. 2001.
  • Second Prize in Mysore Dasara Exhibition. 2000.
  • First Prize in Mysore Dasara Exhibition. 1998.