raghavendra hegde

art is life
life is art

Art and life are born of earthly elements, returning to them in the end. In between, we strive to make them colorful, meaningful, and memorable.

Artistic Offerings

Live Shows

Captivating audiences through performances, showcasing talent and creativity in a dynamic and interactive environment.

Corporate Events

Art employed to engage and entertain attendees while conveying messages and enhancing the overall atmosphere.


Harnessing the power of art to effectively communicate messages, capture attention, and leave a lasting impression on viewers

Custom Perfomances

Tailored artistic experiences designed to meet specific needs and preferences.

art and life are both transient and uncertain

Nestled in the lap of the great Sayadris, in Sirsi taluk of North Kanara district there lays a small hamlet called Kadnamane. I was born into a farming family in that hamlet. After completing my primary education there, I moved on to Mysore to obtain my B.F.A degree in 2002. I then proceeded to obtain my M.F.A degree from the Chitrakala Parishat in Bangalore during 2005. Later, after many years of teaching, stage and art-direction, I took to Sand Art in 2010.


Looking back, it is surprising but true, that Sand, with which I played during my childhood, became my medium of expression. All I did with this basic element of nature was to alloy some refinement and modernity and took it to the stage as a performing art. The fact that this experiment has seen 600 performances across the state, national and international platforms is a testament to the affection with which people have blessed it.


A fusion of creativity that transcends individual boundaries

It was treat to the eyes, you bring innovation and art together. This is the best example of sustainable art

Claude Smadja

M D World Economic Forum

The word “sand art” rings Mr. Raghavendra Hegde’s name in our heads! I wish him the best of luck in reaching his eco-friendly art to us all.

Vijay Prakash

Indian playback singer

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